We know that being diagnosed with cancer can be a distressing time. All the doctors within DGMC oncology have been doing involved in cancer treatments for many years and are committed to giving our patients the best treatment available. But we do not just see ourselves as treating cancers… we want to add to the length and quality of your life…. Giving you more special moments and memories with your loved ones.

You will be referred for all the necessary investigations, such as PET-CT scans, MRI scan, etc. We will discuss all the possible treatment options with you and will jointly come to a treatment plan that works best for you.




– Treatment of Breast cancer
– Prostate Cancer
– Gastro-Intestinal Cancers
– Head and Neck Cancers
– Gynaecologic Cancers


Clinical Focuses

We are experts in assisting you in deciding what is the best treatment for your cancer. We have facilities for both chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and if any other investigations or procedures (e.g., Surgery ) are required, we will make the necessary referrals.

Dr Ramiah is a specialist in Radiation treatments and offers state-of-the-art radiation therapy including stereotactic body radiosurgery and brachytherapy treatments.


Information on Radiation Therapy


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Tel +(27) 11 482 3594




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